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Suffering From Long Dryer Cycles?

One of the most common complaints from the On Premise or Hotel Laundry manager: excessively long dryer cycles. My dryers take twice as long to dry than the previous property that I managed. The dryer model is the same but now my cycle times on full dry terry items are from 55 to 65 minutes when I was accustomed to a 38 minute cycle with a 5 minute cool down! This is a problem in most cases that never gets corrected due to the perceived financial impact to correct the problem. The end result is multiple laundry carts lining the hallways full of wet linen, because the dryers cannot keep up with the wash deck.

In most cases this problem exists due to improper exhaust flue design resulting in excessively high system static pressure. Dryers are designed to “breathe” freely and we measure the characteristic of “breathing freely” with a monometer which calculates the resistance of airflow to outside air in inches of water column. Small cabinet dryers ranging from 35 lb. capacity up to 190 lb. capacity are designed to operate at .3” to .5” / WC, (Water Column) these characteristics enable your dryer to pass air freely through the goods in the basket and remove moisture which is being dissipated from the goods ultimately terminating to outside air. When air is restricted in its path due to undersized flue pipe or too many fittings, the dryer’s internal blower, which in most cases are rated for 100 linear feet, cannot compensate for the excessive rise & run of exhaust flue and additional 45 degree elbows and 90 degree elbows ultimately causing the dryer to choke. The air has nowhere to go, so it stays in the basket with the moisture it carries and causes the dry times to climb and your gas bill to skyrocket.

All these characteristics increase hours of operation in the laundry, directly impacting labor, overtime, fuel costs, electricity and your customers not having linens on the bed at the time of check in. There are of course additional reasons for slow dry times, such as inadequate make up or combustion air, low fuel pressures or volume, infrequently cleaned internal lint screens and “Bird Screen” covering the exhaust flue at the point of termination...

Ralph Tuccillo is Vice President of Laundry Sales at Steiner-Atlantic Corp. and is a 30-year industry veteran.

For more information, contact us TODAY for a DRYER EFFICIENCY EVALUATION below! 


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