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Category : Specials
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Steiner-Atlantic Super Specials



IPSO Horizon Front Loader 440G pump drain (8 Available)


KENMORE 2667122 Coin Op Dryer (2 Available)




AEROTECH,  DWC-45. Green Jet 45lb Dry-Wet-Cleaning Machine 208-240/60/3 (3 Available)


AEROTECH 35lb 3rd generation Perc Dry Cleaning Machine, 2 Tanks, 1 Spin Disc Filter with Carbon Tower 208-240/60/3 $24,900.00
AEROTECH 35lb 3rd generation Perc Dry Cleaning Machine, 3 Tanks, 1 Spin Disc Filter with Carbon Tower 208-240/60/3




SARATOGA Mini Max Double Deck 30' Conveyor $4,900.00
AQUA AQP PRE-COOLER 2 Ton Solvent Cooler (2 Available) $300.00
CLEAVER BROOKS 15HP Gas Boiler, 120/60/1 $9,900.00
FORENTA 7.5 Ton Package Chiller 208-240/60/3 $9,150.00
FORENTA 42" Manual Steam Press $5,800.00
GOLDMAN GMX-42 SCM Self-Contained Manual Utility Press 220/60/3 $10,900.00



MAYTAG MAY CAE2793BQ Top Load Washer


MAYTAG MAY CEM2793BQ Electric Dryer


IPSO BTEE6ASP173 Stack Electric Dryer/Washer 120/60/1 & 220/60/1 (2 Available)


LOCHINVAR SBT080 Hot Water Storage


MILNOR 30022X8J AZ 60lb. Soft Mount Washer/Extractor 208-240/60/3


MILNOR MWR18E4 45lb EP One Touch Cabinet Washer/Extractor (DEMO) 208-240/60/1-3   $4,900.00
MILNOR MWR18X4 45lb EP Cabinet Washer/Extractor   $5,700.00
DURACAST LM-EC8, Linen Master Exchange Carts (15 Available)      $550.00
H & M DRAIN TROUGH 4ft X 18" X 12"




AEROTECH C-35 3rd Generation Perc Dry Cleaning Machine 2 Tanks, 1 Cartridge Filter 208-240/60/3 $9,900.00

AJAX CCW-CX, Collar and Cuff Press with sleever Pleater

FORENTA 53VL Laundry Press


FORENTA 27VCYE Electric Collar & Cuff 208-230/60/1


HOFFMAN Collar Master 


HOFFMAN 42" Manual Utility Press with hot head


HOFFMAN 42" Manual Utility Press




RENZACCI 35lb. Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning Machine 3 Tanks, 1 Spin, 1 Cartridge with carbon tower  $14,900.00
FORENTA/UNION 40 lb. 5th Generation Perc Dry Cleaning Machine (3 Tanks, 2 Spin Disc Filters) 208/240/60/3


ARTICHILL 5 Ton Prepackaged Chiller 208-240/60/3


CISSELL CSL VSB-U Spotting Board


CISSELL CSL A PANT TOPU Pants topper         $300.00
CISSELL CSL FFCD-U form finisher       $400.00
HOFFMAN BOBCAT HOF HLB-14 U Bantam Body Laundry Press


GENERAL BOILER 5 HP Electric Boiler 240/60/3



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