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Category : small load < 110 lbs.
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Manufacturer : Milnor Model number : 30022T5X

Rigid Mount 30022 T5X 
Capacity: 60 lb. (27 kg) 
Control: E-P Express® programmable control 


  • Cylinder Type - Open Pocket
  • Capacity - 60 lbs.(27 kg)
  • Controller Type - E-P Express
  • Extraction G Force - Medium
  • Suspension - Rigid

Save Labor 

The Milnor Model 30022T5X provides multiple ways to save on your labor costs and improve employee efficiency.

Save on Linen Replacement Costs 

The second highest expense of a laundry is the cost of linen. The Milnor 30022T5X can help you to extend linen life.

Save Energy 

Milnor 30022T5X can help to reduce your utility bills.

Save Water 

Milnor 30022T5X can reduce fresh water consumption. 

Save Money (Total Cost of Ownership)

There are many features designed into a Milnor 30022T5X washer-extractor to reduce your total cost of ownership - saving you money for years AFTER your initial investment. 

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Extraction Speeds - rpm


Model Number


Extraction G Force - Gs


Cylinder Diameter - ins. (mm)

30 (762)

Cylinder Volume - cu. ft. (L)

9 (254)

Width - ins. (mm)

34.5 (876)

Motor - HP (kW)


Distribution Speed - rpm


Cylinder Depth - ins. (mm)

22 (558)

Inlet Valve - ins. (mm)


Wash Speeds - rpm


Shipping Weight - lbs (kg)


Door Area - sq in. (sq cm)

15.5 (99)

Drain valve - ins. (mm)


Height - ins. (mm)

54 (1371)

Depth - ins. (mm)

52.25 (1327)

Capacity - lbs. (kg)

60 (27)

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