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Wasserij Edam: Holland’s First PulseFlow® Technology Tunnel


            Milnor’s revolutionary PulseFlow® Technology has been exceeding performance expectations since its introduction to the laundry industry in late 2009. With minimal fresh water consumption and continuous water reuse through the integral RecircONE® pump arrangement, PulseFlow tunnels offer unparalleled efficiencies wash quality, and extended linen life.

            Milnor’s PulseFlow Technology CBW® tunnels are able to achieve low fresh water consumption without compromising wash/rinse quality thanks to the high-velocity intermittent counterflow that is only turned on during the last 25% of the cycle time. Also, PulseFlow Technology maximizes wash chemistry because the water is only turned on after chemical equilibrium is reached. With proper chemistry and short, high-velocity PulseFlow Technology counterflow, the goods are spending less time in the tunnel.

            PulseFlow tunnels have been employed in every market from light soil hospitality to heavy soil Food & Beverage, all with excellent wash quality, performance, and water consumption. One PulseFlow customer, an F & B laundry owner, advised laundry owners to “do yourself a favor and look into PulseFlow [Technology].” Another PulseFlow customer owner reported that their annual utility bill was reduced by 140,000 Euros ($200,000.00 USD).

      As PulseFlow Technology gained traction with dozens of successful installations throughout 2010 and 2011, Wasserij Edam’s three bottom transfer tunnels output and high water consumption were nowhere near what The Hohenstein Institute confirmed tunnels using PulseFlow Technology could achieve in Report #10.1.9-0038-1.

            Like all Milnor tunnel projects, Wasserij Edam’s needs were unique to achieve specific requirements for their linen supply goods. The owners wanted to purchase a tunnel that could allow them to process 42 loads per hour of 55kg batches. Alex Nieuwenhuizen of Landuwasco, the local authorized Milnor dealer, agreed with Wasserij Edam’s General Manager Ed Broeks that a 76039 12-module PulseFlow tunnel could achieve the output and extreme water savings. To increase PulseFlow Technology’s proven water savings even further; Landuwasco engineered, constructed, and installed a custom water reuse tank beneath the tunnel to store starched water from the last module. This exemplifies how Milnor and its dealers can tailor PulseFlow tunnels to specific customers’ installations, not just to their goods type.

           The entire project was shepherded by a team of experienced tunnel experts from Milnor. Milnor’s Applications Engineering Department and Milnor International worked together to lay out the laundry effectively, based on the customer’s needs.  In just four days, Landuwasco installed the tunnel with the help of Milnor International’s Pascal Robin. On the first day of startup, the PulseFlow tunnel was able to reach 275 loads processed. Throughout the startup phase, Milnor’s Dave Urquhart worked closely with the chemical company to optimize the tunnel performance and output further. 

            After testing was completed by Urquhart and Christeyns (chemical supplier), Wasserij Edam’s 12-module tunnel began processing 50-55 kg batches (table linens, sheets, towels) at cycle times of 85-90 seconds, with fresh water consumption as low as 2,5 L/kg on table linen. The laundry employs 130 full-time employees and the laundry operates 38 hours weekly.

            Their 12-module PulseFlow tunnel is out-performing the existing two 18-compartment bottom transfer tunnels in wash quality and process time. Total process time is just 18 minutes in the PulseFlow, compared to 28 minutes the pair of bottom-transfers tunnels achieve elsewhere in the laundry.      

            Wasserij-Edam is one of nine Milnor PulseFlow tunnels in the field processing linen supply/Food & Beverage. Recently, Milnor sold their 80th PulseFlow CBWtunnel since its introduction in late 2009.  For more information on PulseFlow Technology Click below. 


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