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For over two years, Heavenly Graham has been the owner of Sudz Yur Dudz, a successful coin store in Chino Valley, Arizona.  Like many Laundromat owners, Graham opened this store while pursuing another career. Owning this store offered her another revenue stream, while not taking up too much time away from her existing janitorial business.  Like other successful coin store owners, she did not jump into this investment without careful planning and research. She chose a convenient and well-visited area in the Chino Valley shopping center, with favorable foot-traffic.

With the location secured, Graham needed to determine which machinery would be best for her customers and her bottom line. She chose Pellerin Milnor, who has been a mainstay in the coin industry for over 50 years. Through the guidance of Milnor’s local dealer Laundry and Cleaners, Heavenly elected to equip the store with Milnor coin-operated washers and Milnor high-efficiency dryers.

In order to get financing, Heavenly submitted a comprehensive business plan to her bank, in which she laid out her strategies to create a positive cash flow. She stated, “The community rallied in support of a new Laundromat. Our employees are professional, helpful, and friendly, creating an excellent reputation, which will contribute to long-term returning customers.”  She also used Milnor Capital to finance the equipment. This opportunity helped her to reduce her terms and have more funds for operational expenses.

Sudz Yur Dudz is located across Highway 89 from a senior mobile home park. Many of the park’s residents rely on the store for their laundry services. The store’s four different capacities offer its customers (single users or families) flexibility in choosing the right machinery, based on their needs. With approximately 1500 sq. ft. of retail space, there is plenty of room for customers to wash, dry and fold their laundry comfortably.

With only one other coin store in the area, Sudz Yur Dudz has positioned itself well to continue to succeed in this market. A few months ago, the store began offering commercial laundry during non-business hours to local restaurants, a car wash, a mid-size hotel, and the Humane Society. This program fully utilizes the equipment, increasing the revenue stream for Graham. 

For more information on Milnor vended laundry machinery business opportunities, or financing information, please click below.


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