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Green Jet

The Aero-Tech USA Green-Jet ™ Dry-Wet Cleaning Machine introduced at the Clean Show by 56-year old Florida Based Steiner Atlantic last year in New Orleans is rapidly moving from its use in the industry as a reliable and "affordable alternative" second machine to the primary workhorse in many plants. It was developed just two years ago by a well-known Italian manufacturer and Steiner-Atlantic. The prototype was tested at Cleaners, Hotels and Cruise Ships proving to be formidable competition for other alternative cleaning methods.

"We decided to do the Beta Field Testing," said Bill Steiner, "since Florida is known for its hard to clean clothes due to the very humid climate with high perspiration, the geographic area was the ideal research ground for the dry-wetcleaning technique as well as the DWX-44 antibacterial solvent used in the process. Thanks to the efforts of Kleerwite Chemical, 100% enviormentally-safe and non-flammable solution used in Green-Jet is helping plant owners turn out a quality product without odor, wrinkling and less production time and now the machine is being manufactured right here in the US.

" Steiner describes the Green-Jet Machine, now being manufactured in Fall River, MA for Aero-Tech as "sturdy" with stainless steel construction, "gentle" because it has a felt-lined cylinder and "practical" due to its ticket price of under $20,000.


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