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Energy efficiency opportunities for dry cleaning facilities

Energy efficiency opportunities for dry cleaning facilities Dry cleaners consume electricity and natural gas to operate cleaning processes. With rising energy prices, utility bills can reach up to 25% of the total operating costs for a dry cleani

How Coin Laundry Owners Can Control Rising Utility Rates

More and more, laundry owners complaining of the costs, asking for ideas. So what is the answer? What is the best approach in combating these costs? And, how does a laundry owner stay competitive? While the costs of doing business of a coin laund

Replace Equipment, Increase Profits (Conclusion)

This article first appeared in American Coin-Op magazine and is reprinted with permission.

Planning an OPL to Maximise Efficiency and Reduce Costs.

If the facility is not properly designed and outfitted correctly what should be an advantage can become an expensive mistake. Laundries are heavily affected by water, labour, energy and chemical cost increases. Therefore operating costs of laundrie


Mushroom Topper Press

Special: $5,460 (1st come 1st serve, subject to prior sale) The Unipress model 19MX Mushroom Press is ideal for pressing the tops of pants after dry cleaning. The unique buck shape and contour produce superior quality and make it easy to dress. Ope

75-lb Capacity Gas Dryer

Overstock Special: $3,650 (1st come 1st serve, subject to prior sale) Electric OPL Non-Reversing (240/60/3) The AD-758V model is equipped with an 8" diameter vent connection plus 175,000 Btu/hr heat input and 1000

Laundry Truck

Special: $600 GOING FAST!!! (1st come 1st serve, subject to prior sale) CALL FOR COLORS AVAILABLE Specifications for LinenMaster Trucks • LinenMaster 48.................. 48” wide x 29” deep x 66” high (with 6&

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